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HATZ Engine

Solar Pile Drivers LLC is a distributer of Armivan hydraulic post pounders in North America.  Solar Pile Drivers LLC has over 15 years of experience in the construction industry and over 8 years of experience in solar ground mount installations, geotechnical testing services, ram maintenance, training of post driver equipment, and experienced PV ground mount installations.​

Armivan engines are equipped with the HATZ 4H50TIC, 4 cylinder, water-cooled engines are set at 48.8 hp.  These engines meet the EPA Tier 4 engine requirements.

The fully hydraulic Armivan pile drivers are designed to provide reliable, consistent and cost effective solutions that earn our customers confidence in solving their pile driving needs.

 Solar Pile Drivers LLC offers sales and service for the Armivan Hydraulic Rams, a specialized machine for rapid post installation.  The Armivan hydraulic post drivers feature rubber tracks giving the machine more traction and maximum mobility for multiple types of terrain.  Center pounding for more stability and accurate installations.  The Armivan ram is made to handle difficult terrain conditions and is possible to ram posts on slopes up to 20 degrees (on north-south slopes) making pile driving on steep gradients possible.

Solar Pile Drivers LLC is commited to providing exceptional customer service and is focused on building long term relationships.

The Armivan AI 1200 models are equipped with the INDECO 1250 FS  (weight 550-570kg, (1212-1256lb) to 1180 beats / min – 1200 joules.  One of the most powerful, efficient hammers you're going to find for solar applications.